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Bringing the work to life.

French based interior design studio Jaqueline Etudedecas partnered with Inhaus to overhaul all aspects of the studios website and logo. Early on, we recognised the need to fully convey the breadth and standard of the studios stunning catalogue of work. The result was a bespoke yet efficient mobile first digital destination (etudedecas.com) designed for discovery and built with the work centre stage.

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To design a brand experience fitting of such an established interior design studio we applied a collaborative and holistic approach.  This allowed the team to incorporate the different points of view of each business stakeholder involved, in order to enhance the final work. From these inputs, we developed the Etudedecas positioning from scratch, including the naming as well as the visual and verbal brand design. We also were responsible for creating the logo, key visuals and a stunning web platform that is built to perform across multiple formats and channels.

“It’s not often we get to be involved on a project that gives so much room for creativity. The team at Etudedecas were open to anything put forward and their creative inputs on how to best showcase their work was invaluable. The results speak for itself, a stand out brand identity teamed with a functional yet stunning piece of web design has put Etudedecas in the strongest position possible moving forward into 2021.”

Scott Oliver Creative Director, Inhaus Inc.

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