Glendola Leisure A new website for Glendola

We were approached to design the new website for Glendola Leisure, one of the night-time industries most impressive companies.

We recognised the need to optimise content for a wide array of screen sizes to enable the leisure giant to fully convey the breadth of its star studded portfolio of venues across the UK. We built a modern, flexible, and efficient digital ecosystem for Glendola Leisure that consolidates brand design and content management seamlessly.

An image led site with a simplistic user flow

The need to cater for numerous device needs meant that hyper visual, simplified UX journeys were essential to the success of the Glendola site. Photographic cues helped to make the site intuitive and easy to filter and navigate. It was also a fantastic way to showcase the businesses wide portfolio of properties, with custom video content served on a per device basis.

Users span from employees of venues, potential business partners, to in-house staff tasked with updating this digital opus of content. Creating a single website that accommodated and served this broad spectrum of stakeholders and demographics was our challenge.

Capturing the Glendola group

For the new digital anthology of the Glendola estate, over the course of 6 months Inhaus worked directly with the businesses properties across the UK & Ireland to capture device specific footage. The result was a content rich website with films cut 3 times for device specific ratios. All this to ensure no matter the platform, Glendola’s standout brands and properties can be viewed in all their digital glory anytime, anywhere.

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