Alston Bar & Beef

Serving up ads.

In an effort to take full advantage of the venues digital platforms and amplify marketing campaigns, Alston tapped the team to make a tangible impact across all areas of the business, and drive post-visit engagement by giving back to new and existing customers through tailored promotions. The team collected detailed user behaviour insights and collaborated with Alston’s internal team to optimise the venues existing website and brand experience to ensure the frictionless movement of users throughout the platform.

Campaign – Digital – Web

A 504% return

on investment

Inhaus collaborated directly with the Alston team to create several digital ad campaigns targeted at specific areas of the business. This work spanned the full menu, with creative and production teams in Manchester working capture the food in its best light. Then, leveraging custom tracking points throughout the website, Inhaus connected all corners of its capabilities to design and deliver a 2-month ad campaign across all social channels. The activation drove performance increases on the website with a 31% increase in daily active users and returned a staggering 504% on investment for the venue.

No more guilty pleasures