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Waxy O’ Connor’s appoints Inhaus Inc. as creative partner.

Waxy O’ Connor’s, a giant in the night-time industry, has appointed Inhaus Inc. as creative partner as they look to accelerate growth across venues this summer. The London based company has venues across the UK and will work with Inhaus to deliver a best-in-class brand experience.

Inhaus will be tasked with creating a new brand assets and partnering with Waxy O’ Connor’s to execute it across their entire customer experience as part of their plans for 2021.

“Over the last few years, we’ve continuously proven ourselves to be a disruptor in the night-time industry. People more than ever are shifting their purchasing behaviour and Waxy O’ Connor’s is in a unique position to cater for all drinking and sporting moments this summer. We’ve been lucky enough to work with Inhaus, who share the same ambition for one of our most iconic brands within Glendola Leisure, and will work tirelessly to further elevate our digital presence,” said Simon Yandell, Operations Manager, Glendola Leisure.

“Waxy O’ Connor’s and Glendola are a true disruptor that understands the dynamics to be successful in this new economy. We are thrilled to partner with them on this key moment in one if it’s main brands lifecycle, especially at a time like this when changing customer behaviours towards the industry provide so many opportunities for progressive brands,” said Scott Oliver, Creative Director, Inhaus Inc.